Service Bus

The guide walks you through the process from importing necessary libraries to adding and retrieving event values.

Firstly, import the required libraries:

import { NotVault, ServiceBus } from '@notcentralised/notvault-sdk';


  1. Instantiate the NotVault and ServiceBus classes:

const vault = new NotVault();
const servicebus = new ServiceBus(vault);

The NotVault instance is required to initialize the ServiceBus class, which manages events in the confidential service bus.

  1. Define the Key and Confidential Value:

const key = BigInt(1);
const confidentialValue = BigInt(2);

The key and confidentialValue are BigInt values. You may replace 1 and 2 with any integers of your choice.

  1. Add an event value:

await servicebus.setValue(key, confidentialValue);

You can add an event value to the confidential service bus by calling the setValue() method. It requires two parameters: the key and the confidential value.

  1. Get an event value:

const retrievedConfidentialValue : BigInt = await servicebus.getValue("... Wallet Address ...", key);

You can retrieve the event value from the confidential service bus using the getValue() method. It requires two parameters: the wallet address and the key. It will return the confidential value associated with the given key.

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