Service Bus

This documentation outlines the workflows associated with the creation of confidential and integrity-focused event messages, all made possible through the NotVault Service Bus.

The NotVault Service Bus enables developers to establish event messages with guaranteed integrity in relation to:

  1. Event Source: Ensuring the event's origin can be accurately traced.

  2. Event Timestamp: Capturing the exact time the event message was created.

  3. Zero-knowledge Proof: Allowing the event's source to prove they possess the information required to generate the event without revealing the underlying information.

Workflow Steps

Creating an event message involves the following two critical steps:

  1. Event Message Generation: Here, the source creates an event message, incorporating three key components:

    • Key: This serves as a unique identifier for the event.

    • Hashed Value: A secure hash derived from the original value, preserving its confidentiality.

    • Proof: A Zero-Knowledge Proof is created, verifying that the source knows the original value of the hash, but without disclosing it.

  2. Event Message Verification and Acceptance: After the event message is generated, the Service Bus smart contract then verifies the Zero-Knowledge Proof. If the proof passes the verification process, the event message is accepted.

By following these steps and using the NotVault SDK effectively, developers can establish workflows for confidential and integrity-focused event messages.

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