NotVault SDK is a powerful toolset that enables self-sovereign handling of various workflows pivotal to modern decentralized applications. It facilitates secure and confidential operations, catering to diverse functionalities such as file storage, token transfers, contractual/commercial agreements, credential verification, and confidential data management.

In the following sections, we'll delve into each of these workflows individually, providing you with a comprehensive understanding of their functioning and the potential they offer. Here is an overview of the workflows that will be discussed:

  1. File Storage: Confidential and secure storage of files.

  2. Token Transfers: Secure handling and transfer of fungible tokens.

  3. Contractual/Commercial Agreements: Facilitating confidential and secure contractual or commercial agreements.

  4. Credential Verification: Efficient and confidential verification of credentials.

  5. Confidential Event Messaging: Secure handling and management of confidential event messages.

Understanding these workflows will provide a solid foundation for leveraging the capabilities of the NotVault SDK in your development projects. Let's dive deeper into each workflow.

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